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  1. Red Dead Redemption II has been out for over a year now, and its legacy has firmly settled in. And we have to say, it’s…divisive. Some call it a masterpiece, others call it an overrated bore. But regardless, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the map is positively wonderful.It’s beautiful, it’s massive, and most importantly, it’s filled to the brim with secrets. Like all Rockstar games, the open world is rife for exploration, and it absolutely WILL reward the most persistent and exploratory among you.Or you can just read this article.

  2. During the end credits, players see several gang members living peaceful lives on the right side of the law, but how is that possible? Sadie Adler and Charles are understandable since they presumably went to South America and Canada, respectively.

    Characters like Tilly, however, are in public places where their activities are sure to have made headlines. Pearson works a shop in Rhodes, for crying out loud! Granted, they were often maintaining the camp instead of doing fieldwork, but that didn’t stop the authorities from tracking down Strauss. Why couldn’t they do the same for the rest of the outlaws?

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